Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager’s Office



May 9, 2011


May 24, 2011







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David S. Boesch, County Manager


Execution of the Joint Powers Agreement for the Continuation of C/CAG and San Mateo County Participation



Adopt a Resolution authorizing the President of the Board to execute the Joint Powers Agreement among participating cities and the County of San Mateo for the continuation of the City/County Association of Governments.



The City/County Association of Governments in San Mateo County (C/CAG) was established through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between the twenty cities and the County of San Mateo in 1991. The JPA was renewed in 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007. Its purpose is to provide a cooperative, cost-effective means to respond to countywide federal and state mandates. C/CAG also provides a forum for agencies to work together on common issues. San Mateo County is a voting member of C/CAG.



The current Joint Powers Agreement expires December 1, 2011. The proposed agreement is similar to the previously approved Joint Powers Agreement. The Board structure retains the same voting Board members (twenty agencies plus the County). Two Ex-Officio members are included on the Board (SamTrans and the Transportation Authority). The proposed Joint Powers Agreement is attached. To assist in the review of the document changes are shown in bold below and in italics in the agreement. Changes in the Joint Powers Agreement other than numbering or typographical include:


Purpose and Activities. Modified to update the Committee list to include Congestion Management and Environmental Quality Committee, Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee, and C/CAG Investment Committee.


Effective Date/ Termination Date. Modified to provide for the continuance of C/CAG at least until December 15, 2015, and thereafter until terminated pursuant to the Joint Powers Agreement.


Storm Water Discharge Plan and Permit. Modified to allow C/CAG, even if not a named permittee, to assume responsibility for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program permit activities.


Programming State and Federal Transportation Funds. Modified to add Surface Transportation Program (STP), and Congestion Management and Air Quality (CMAQ) to the list of State and Federal Transportation Funds allocated to San Mateo County that C/CAG, acting as the Congestion Management Agency, is responsible for programming.


Measure M - Local Transportation Improvement Program. C/CAG shall serve as the overall program manager for the Local Transportation Improvement Program which programs up to a $10 motor vehicle fee in accordance with Section 65089.20 of the Government Code and Section 9250.4 of the Vehicle Code.


San Mateo County Energy Watch and Climate Protection. C/CAG shall serve as the overall program manager for the San Mateo County Energy Watch Program that coordinates and provides energy conservation incentives, and coordinates, supports, and provide programs as necessary for Climate Protection.


County Counsel has reviewed and approved the agreement and the Resolution as to form.


County participation in C/CAG contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 of a Collaborative Community by providing a forum for agencies to work together on issues of common interest.



The County’s membership General Fund contribution for FY 2011 - 12 is $22,395. This amount has been budgeted under Memberships in the County’s Recommended Budget for FY 2011 - 12. This represents the County’s pro rata share based on population.