Inter-Departmental Correspondence

Sheriff’s Office



May 11, 2011


May 24, 2011







Honorable Board of Supervisors


Sheriff Greg Munks


Salary Ordinance Amendment Adding Seven (7) Positions to the Sheriff’s Office



Adopt an ordinance amending the salary ordinance adding six (6) Deputy Sheriffs and one (1) Sheriff’s Criminal Records Supervisor for a total of seven (7) positions to the Sheriff’s Office and waiver of reading the ordinance in its entirety.



In March 2009, the City of Half Moon Bay experienced a significant Citywide reorganization due to a land use litigation judgment against the City. As a result, many positions were eliminated along with other budget reductions.

In 2010, the City of Half Moon Bay determined it could no longer provide police services at desired service levels within the City’s adopted and projected budgets.

At the beginning of this year, the City requested proposals from law enforcement agencies capable of providing generalized and specialized law enforcement and traffic services to the City of Half Moon Bay. Proposals were submitted by the Pacifica Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office.

At a special study session held on April 2, the Sheriff’s Office was identified as the preferred proposal and the Half Moon Bay City Council voted to begin contract negotiations.



The City of Half Moon Bay and the Sheriff’s Office have been working collaboratively to draft a Law Enforcement Services Agreement and Transfer of Personnel, Equipment and Facilities Agreement. The Law Enforcement Services Agreement will describe the actual services which the Sheriff’s Office will provide the City of Half Moon Bay. A separate Transfer Agreement will outline the transfer of personnel and equipment from the City to the County.

The proposed effective date for both agreements is June 12, 2011. Through this process, the Sheriff’s Office has agreed to hire all existing Half Moon Bay Police Department employees. There are seven (7) positions that need to be added to the Sheriff’s Office to account for the positions that are being funded through the law enforcement services contract effective June 12, 2011. It is anticipated that the Law Enforcement Services and Transfer Agreements will be presented for approval to the Half Moon Bay City Council and your Board on June 7, 2011.

Due to the need to hire existing City employees effective June 12, the Sheriff’s Office is requesting adoption of the salary ordinance amendment separate from the approval of the contracts to allow for the changes to become effective at the start of the first pay period following adoption.

Below is a summary of the requested salary ordinance changes for the Sheriff’s Office.





Deputy Sheriffs (Item H060S)



Sheriff’s Criminal Records Supervisor (Item E447S)





County Counsel has reviewed and approved the ordinance as to form.

Approval of this salary ordinance amendment contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of a Healthy Community by ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office has sufficient staff to ensure the neighborhoods of Half Moon Bay are safe and the transition of law enforcement services from the City to the County are seamless.



The salary and benefit cost of the contract positions is $2,244,558 for FY 2011-12 and will be funded by the City of Half Moon Bay. This will be included in the Sheriff’s Office budget through an Appropriation Transfer Request (ATR) at the time the Law Enforcement Services Agreement and Transfer Agreement are presented to the Board for approval. There is no Net County Cost associated with this action.