Inter-Departmental Correspondence

County Manager’s Office



July 11, 2011


July 26, 2011







Honorable Board of Supervisors


David S. Boesch, County Manager


Employee of the Month for July 2011



Honor Kathleen Pape as Employee of the Month for July 2011 and authorize the President of the Board to sign the commendation.



The Employee of the Month program was established in December 1984 to recognize and honor County employees who consistently demonstrate an outstanding level of performance.

Our Employee of the Month for July 2011 is Kathleen Pape a Fiscal Office Specialist in the Sheriff’s Office.



Kathleen (Kathy) has been employed with the County for over 12 years. Kathy works in the Office of Emergency Services, which manages and distributes millions of dollars in grant funding annually received from Homeland Security. Kathy’s expertise and conscientious work ethic make this responsibility manageable. Kathy recently assumed an even greater role within the grant process due to decreases in staffing, and she has done so seamlessly. Kathy has the ability to build relationships and to work collaboratively with her counterparts in local municipalities, neighboring counties, state organizations, and federal agencies which has made her a tremendous asset to San Mateo County’s public safety community.


Kathy recently prepared the office for audits conducted by both state and federal oversight entities. She worked tirelessly to retain, manage and review documentation concerning multiple grants that had been awarded over the course of a number of years. Kathy ensured that we were compliant with all grant related mandates. She was able to complete these tasks largely on her own with minimal assistance. In one instance, auditors were so impressed with Kathy’s work that they indicated that they would implement some of what she’d done as best practices for counties throughout the Bay Area. Kathy truly does a remarkable job of not only managing emergency services and public safety related grants but she also finds the time to manage many of the administrative tasks associated with the office. The Information Services Department sent an extremely complimentary e-mail expressing their gratitude for Kathy’s contribution to the interoperable communications efforts. This sentiment is consistent with that of other individuals from the County, region, and state regarding Kathy’s performance.


Kathy’s work ethic and commitment to her profession truly promotes a positive image of the Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Emergency Services. Her efforts have significantly enhanced the resiliency of our County and the safety of our first responders.


Approval of the Employee of the Month contributes to the Shared Vision 2025 outcome of Prosperous Community by recognizing employees that foster innovation and excellence in the services provided.

Our County is fortunate to have Kathleen Pape as one of its outstanding employees.