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Common Zoning Questions:


What is the zoning designation of my property?

If your property is located in unincorporated San Mateo County and you have your parcel number you can find out the zoning designation of that property by contacting us. The following two steps will help you discern your location and parcel number.

1) The Planning and Building Division has zoning information for all lots in the Unincorporated parts of San Mateo County. (Clicking the preceding highlighted link will open a general map (size 108k) of unincorporated areas in gray. A Thomas Guide Map of San Mateo County will give you a more detailed view of your address location.) If your property is located in a city in San Mateo County you will need to contact that city.

2) Once you have determined that your property is located in Unincorporated San Mateo County, you will need to find your parcel number. Clicking this highlighted text will send you to search County Property Information for your parcel number by entering your street address.

We maintain Zoning Maps which show zoning designations for lots in Unincorporated San Mateo County. This information is mapped by us on to copies of the County Assessor Maps. If your property is located in Unincorporated San Mateo County you can call or visit us and determine the zoning of your parcel.

What does the zoning designation allow me to do with my property?

When you have determined the zoning of your property you may search our Zoning Regulations document for further information. A listing of our zoning designations is available in Chapter 2, 20, (.pdf, 23k) of our Zoning Regulations (.pdf, 2.6mb) document. Or you can call the Zoning counter at (650) 363-1825 for further information. Appointments are available.


What Does The Zoning Hearing Officer Do?

The position of Zoning Hearing Officer is established by the County Zoning Regulations. The Zoning Hearing Officer conducts public hearings on minor land use and development permits that would otherwise be heard by the County Planning Commission. This is done to save time, expense and effort, both for the applicant and County staff. The Zoning Hearing Officer is an employee of the County Planning and Building Division and reports to and acts on behalf of the County Planning Director. The Zoning Hearing Officer is often referred to as the and is assisted by the Zoning Hearing Secretary.

Zoning hearings are generally held the first and third Thursdays of each month:

10:00 a.m., Room 101
County Office Building
455 County Center
Redwood City

Meeting times and places are sometimes changed as indicated on the agenda. To contact the Zoning Hearing Secretary please call (650) 363-1862.

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