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All items on the consent agenda are approved by one roll call motion unless a request is made at the beginning of the meeting that an item be withdrawn or transferred to the regular agenda. Any item on the regular agenda may be transferred to the consent agenda.



Approve the minutes for the meeting of December 7, 2010


Supporting Document



Recommendation for the appointments of the following to the San Mateo County Event Center Board of Directors: (Supervisors Carole Groom and Adrienne Tissier)



Stan Pastorino, term expiring September 30, 2011



David Caro and Mike Pacelli, terms expiring September 30, 2013


Supporting Document



Ratification of a resolution honoring Lee Buffington upon his retirement as the Treasurer-Tax Collector of San Mateo County (Supervisor Mark Church)


Supporting Document



Ratification of a resolution honoring John A. Conover upon his retirement from Borel Private Bank &Trust Company (Supervisor Carole Groom)


Supporting Document



Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.8, identify the following information prior to holding a closed session for the purpose of giving instructions regarding the possible lease and purchase of real property



For Purchase:


Agency Negotiator(s): County Manager or his designee


Real Property at issue: 20, 50, 70 and 80 Chemical Way, Redwood City



052-392-270, 052-392-240, 052-392-210, 052-392-260, 052-392-200 and




Negotiating Parties:

Chemical Way Properties LLC, Las Cruses Holdings LLC,


Kona Ventures LLC, Schrader Leask Development Inc. and


the City of Redwood City



For Lease:


Agency Negotiator(s): County Manager or his designee


Real Property at issue: 50 and 70 Chemical Way, Redwood City


Negotiating Parties:

Celine Kearney, Curtis Flamm, Randall Faccinto of Airgas, Inc.,


Jeff Birdwell and Dave Hopkins of Sares Regis Group of Northern


California, LP, Michael Dingman or his designee of ValleyCrest




Supporting Document





Pursuant to Government Code 54954.3, members of the public, to the extent required by law, will have the opportunity to directly address the Board concerning the above-mentioned business.


This notice is to be delivered to each member of the Board of Supervisors, and to each local newspaper of general circulation and radio or television station requesting notice in writing. The notice shall be delivered personally or by other means, and shall be received at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting as specified in this notice.



December 15, 2010



Vice President, Board of Supervisors


Please note: Public meetings are accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals who need special assistance or a disability-related modification or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services to participate in this meeting, or who have a disability and wish to request an alternative format for the agenda, meeting notice, agenda packet or other writings that may be distributed at the meeting, should contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at (650) 363-4121. Notification in advance of the meeting will enable the public agency to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting and the materials related to it.


Telecasts of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meetings can be seen throughout most of San Mateo County, Thursdays at 7:30PM, replayed on Fridays at 8:00AM and Saturdays at 10:00AM on Peninsula TV Channel 26. Palo Alto Cable viewers can see the meetings Thursday nights at 7:00PM on Channel 29. For more information on air dates for other communities, please contact Peninsula TV at (650) 637-1936.


Public records that relate to any item on the open session agenda for a regular board meeting are available for public inspection. Those records that are distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting are available for public inspection at the same time they are distributed to all members, or a majority of the members of the Board. The Board has designated the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, located at 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063, for the purpose of making those public records available for inspection. The documents are also available on the County's Internet Web site, at the link for Board of Supervisors agendas for upcoming meetings. The website is located at:,2151,1864_26218,00.html. The San Mateo County Ordinance Code can be accessed on the World Wide Web at:


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